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Microsoft Intune Daily Configuration Backup

This blog is about creating a backup for your Intune Configuration with a 90 day retention. This way you could go back in time if you have a lot of configuration changes. Sometimes there are a lot of Sysadmins making changes in the configuration without proper documentation. This way you can just look at the […]

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Office 365 License check + notification script

I think we all have had a moment where we wanted to create a new user account but the licenses for Office 365 had run out. Our Sysadmins asked me to write a script which would send an e-mail if the licenses almost would run out. I would run the script from a management server […]

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Exchange Online Set Copy Items Send via Azure Runbook

This blog is about automating setting “Copy items sent” and “Copy items sent on behalf ” for Shared Mailboxes in Exchange Online. If Shared Mailboxes are created manually, It could be that these are settings are forgotten. If you forgot to set these settings it could have a high impact on users. I am talking […]

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ARMtemplate to create a VNET with 4 subnets and 4 routing tables

This blog is about automating a network deployment. This particular deployment creates a VNET with 4 subnets and 4 routing tables which are automatically assigned to the according subnet. The routing tables are configured with the 3 rules each, which point to the Network Virtual Appliance which is your firewall. The firewall deployment will feature […]

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Migrate UserProfiles from FileServer to OneDrive

I would like to share my migration method for moving UserProfiles from a FileServer to OneDrive in Office 365. The migrationtool ShareGate is used for this migration. ShareGate is really powerful tool to move your data from a FileServer (Shared data & User Profiles) to Office 365 (SharePoint Online/Onedrive). There are 6 steps involved in this migration. […]