SQL ODBC Driver via Intune

This post is about deploying the SQL ODBC Driver via Intune with the required runtimes. It took myself a while to get this working. So, I thought let’s share this with the world. Firstly, I have created a package which contains the ‘VC_Redist.x64.exe’ and the ‘msodbcsql.msi’, installs them silently, creates a log file and has … Read more

Deploy Single Microsoft Store App via Intune

This blogpost is about how to deploy a single microsoft store app via Intune/Microsoft Endpoint Manager. This method uses a direct URL to the Microsoft Store App to install the application. Futhermore, this might come in handy when you completely lockdown the machine for App installation. This way you can publish Microsoft Store application via … Read more

Convert Packer JSON File to HCL2

Packer has announced that classic JSON files are now supported as legacy files. The limitations within classic JSON make it harder to configure the packer template. That’s why Hashicorp has decided to create HCL support for Packer. This blog is about how to convert your Packer JSON File to HCL2 (Hashi Corp Language 2). Furthermore, … Read more

Azure Logon Subscription Menu

Don’t you hate it when you want to logon to Azure and you need to select a subscription every time? Firstly, you need to logon using: “Connect-AzAccount”. After that, you need to select your subscription but you obviously don’t know your subscription id. You run: “Get-AzSubscription”, copy the subscription id and run: “Set-AzContext”. I have … Read more