Windows 10 Image Series – Part 3.1 – Deploy test VM

In this series I am going to show you how build a Windows 10 Image via Azure Pipelines and DevOps without 3rd party tooling, welcome to part 3.1! This is a blog which describes how you can deploy a VM from your newly created Shared Image Gallery Image via Bicep. Prerequisites Part 1, 2 & … Read more

Windows 11 SKU’s for Automation

Need to upgrade your Windows 11 Sku’s in your automation like Packer, Azure Image Builder or manual Bicep/ARM Templates? Use these tables below in order to find the correct information for your scripts. I will list the Windows 11 SKU’s for these versions: Windows 11 PRO ZH-CN – Gen2 Windows 11 PRO N – Gen2 … Read more

Deploy Azure Policy to ManagementGroup with Bicep

I have tinkered with this for a bit. So, I thought let’s share it with the world. This blog is about how to deploy azure policy to a managementgroup using the Bicep language. A management group helps you to assign policy’s to multiple azure subscriptions. Furthermore, new subscriptions can easily be added to the existing … Read more