Add exclusion in Attack Surface Reduction – Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Lately, I am playing around with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and how to add an exclusion in Attack Surface Reduction. Let’s first walk through the situation at hand. I am building a new Microsoft Endpoint Manager solution for a customer of mine and they use a custom-made signature module (Signature365/Innovative365). This custom module didn’t work … Read more

Elevate Administrative Tools menu for Endpoint

This PowerShell tool helps ServiceDesk employees to do their work. This script creates a menu where you can pick Administrative Tools to elevate on your endpoint. Why do you need this? In a previous blog post, I explained how you can create an elevated PowerShell session on Endpoint Managed device. I got feedback from ServiceDesk … Read more

Intune Backup to Storage Account Pt.3 – The Notification

This post is about creating an Intune backup to a storage account Pt.3. You could use this to create a daily backup or even more frequent. The clarify the above. I created a script that creates a backup from your Intune environment and uploads it to a storage account. The last step is to send … Read more