Flow Triggered WVD DevOps Build

This is a blog about a new WVD DevOps build triggered by Flow. This Pipeline creates a new Windows 10 Immutable image which I use for my WVD deployment. To trigger this build you can use Microsoft Flow (PowerAutomate).


You need the Flow premium license, more information about the licensing.

Install the mobile Microsoft Flow app.

Furthermore, you need to have permissions in the DevOps project. More information about permissions in Azure DevOps.

Build the flow

Go the Microsoft Flow Panel.

Click on create and after that click on “Automated Flow”:

Create Flow for start WVD DevOps build.

Fill in the name and click on skip. In addition, we pick a trigger later on.

Flow name for WVD DevOps Build

Select the trigger; “Flow button for mobile”:

Flow button for mobile trigger for WVD DevOps

After that, click on “new step”:

New step for flow for WVD DevOps trigger

Search for “Build” and select the option “Queue a new build”:

Action for new flow for a new WVD DevOps build

You now need to select the pipeline that you want to be triggered by Flow. (in the red rectangle) In addition, you can also select a “Source Branch and Parameters”. (In the blue rectangle):

Parameters for new build in flow

Lastly, click on “New Step”:

New step in flow DevOps build

Search for “mobile” and select “Send me a mobile notification”:

Enter a name for the notification. Furthermore, you can add dynamic content if you want to. Shown in the blue rectangle:

Click on save to save the flow.

Example for the flow

Open up the Power Automate/Microsoft Flow app on your phone. Your newly created Flow should be available. It looks like this, press the button to queue a new build:

This is the notification shown that a new build has been created:

After that, the DevOps Pipeline will start:

This is the Win 10 Image Builder:

And that’s how you create a WVD DevOps build triggered by Flow. Furthemore, I choose to use a mobile app to trigger the build. For example, another possiblity is to use a bot in teams to trigger a new build.


Flow Pricing

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