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This is a blogpost about a script which initiates a logoff for all users in a WVD Hostpool via Powershell. The script populates the hostpool(s) based on a Resource Group within Azure. If there are multiple hostpools within this Resource Group the users are logged off also.

Script Syntaxis

This is the syntax for the script. Below I will show an example of the script.

$ResourceGroupName = "RESOURCEGROUPNAME"
$ExistingHostPool = Get-AzResource -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName | Where-Object ResourceType -eq Microsoft.DesktopVirtualization/hostpools

if (($ExistingHostPool).count -gt "0") {
# Log off connected Users
foreach($Hostpool in $ExistingHostPool){

$WVDUserSessions = Get-AzWvdUserSession -HostPoolName $HostPool.Name -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName
$NumberofWVDSessions = ($WVDUserSessions).count

if ($NumberofWVDSessions -gt "0") {
    try {
        Write-Host "There are $NumberofWVDSessions logged on, they now will be logged off"

        foreach ($WVDUserSession in $WVDUserSessions){
            $InputString = $WVDUserSession.Name
            $WVDUserArray = $InputString.Split("/")
            Remove-AzWvdUserSession -HostPoolName $HostPool.Name -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -SessionHostName $WVDUserArray[1] -Id $WVDUserArray[2]
    catch {
        Write-Host "There 0 users logged on to Windows Virtual Desktop"
#Check and Wait for users to be logged off
while($true) { 
    $NumberofWVDSessions = Get-AzWvdUserSession -HostPoolName $HostPool.Name -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName; $CountNumberofWVDSessions = ($NumberofWVDSessions).count; $Hostpool.Name = $HostpoolName ; if($CountNumberofWVDSessions -gt "0") { Write-Output "There are still $CountNumberofWVDSessions user(s) on $HostpoolName logged on"; Start-Sleep -s 10  } else { break } 


Firstly, check whether you have correct Powershell modules installed. Use the following code to do so:

$installedPackageProvider = Get-PackageProvider
if ($installedPackageProvider.Name -notmatch "NuGet") {
    Install-PackageProvider -Name NuGet -force
     Write-Host("Install powershell module NuGet")
$installedModules = Get-InstalledModule
if ($installedModules.Name -notmatch "Az.Accounts") {
    Install-Module Az.Accounts -Force -AllowClobber
     Write-Host("Install powershell module Az Accounts")
if ($installedModules.Name -notmatch "Az.Resources") {
    Install-Module Az.Resources -Force -AllowClobber
     Write-Host("Install powershell module Az Resources")
if ($installedModules.Name -notmatch "Az.DesktopVirtualization") {
    Install-Module Az.DesktopVirtualization -Force -AllowClobber
     Write-Host("Install powershell module Az DesktopVirtualization")

Secondly, you need to connect to Azure Powershell. You can do so by using the following command:


Now it’s time to run the script. Save the script as a ps1 file and run it:


This is the output for the script:

First, .
Second, the name of the hostpool and sessionhost are shown.
After that, a “While Loop” waits for all the users to logoff.
The line “There are still 1 user(s) on WVDDEVRel67 logged on” keeps track of the while loop. Every 10 seconds this runs again.

NOTE: Users are logged off immediately. There is no warning. This is what the user sees:

Log off message

And that’s how you logoff users via Powershell on a WVD Hostpool.


Microsoft Docs about WVD CMDlets

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