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Latest Posts:

  • RDP ShortPath for WVD
    This is my take on RDP Shortpath for WVD. In this blogpost I will discuss the pro’s and cons of using this feature. Furthermore, I will talk about the configuration
  • Bitlocker encryption Azure DevOps Release Pipeline
    This is a blogpost about setting Bitlocker drive encryption for WVD sessionhosts in an Azure DevOps Release Pipeline. The Bitlocker key will be stored in an Azure Keyvault. This post
  • OneDrive Machine Install Script
    This is a blog about a script which removes OneDrive Personal and installs OneDrive Machine (All users) Install. You can use this if you want to deploy OneDrive on Windows
  • Add NSG Rule via Azure DevOps Pipeline
    This blogpost describes how to add an NSG Rule via an Azure DevOps Pipeline to momentarily give Azure Devops via WinRM access to your Subnet. At this time of writing
  • WVD Springrelease ARMTemplate Token Refresh Script
    This is a blogpost about a script which performs a Token Refresh for the WVD springrelease ARMTemplate deployment. This normally needs to be entered manually but with this script this