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  • Windows 10 Image Series – Part 1
    In this series I am going to show you how build a Windows 10 Image via Azure Pipelines and DevOps without 3rd party tooling, welcome to part 1! Part 1
  • Autopilot Devices Script Menu
    I have written a couple of posts which describe add Autopilot devices to Intune. The feedback that I got was that it might be easier for some people to include
  • Powershell Function for Creating WVD Hostpools
    I have written a Powershell Function which I use for Creating WVD Hostpools. Instead of clicking through the portal you now can create multiple hostpools by running this function. Prerequisites
  • WVD Create HostPool
    This is a blogpost about how to create a WVD HostPool. I demonstrate two methods. The GUI based method and the Powershell method. In addition, you can also create the
  • WVD Intune ARM Template Update
    You can deploy Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) via an ARM Template. There is a possible update incoming for this template. This update may contain native join to Microsoft Intune (Endpoint