Set Calendar Permissions based on folder type

If you have ever migrated an Exchange Server or have been an administrator of a large Exchange environment this may soundsfamiliar. When you want to change the default permissions of the calendar of a roommailbox this folder is often in multiple languages. This depends on multiple factors, examples are: “Calendar, Agenda & Kalender”. This often resulted in running a script multiples times to set the calendar permissions. In other words, for Dutch I needed to run the script for “Agenda”.

The script on this page set the permissions for a calendar based on folder type. In this case it doesn’t matter in which language the folder was created. See the example below:

$AccessRights = Reviewer # Use Accordingly
$USERS = Get-Mailbox -Resultsize Unlimited -RecipientTypeDetails roommailbox # Use Accordingly, if you want to only Room mailboxes swap "Usermailbox" for "Roommailbox"

$USERS | ForEach-Object {

$Calendar = $_.Alias + ":\" + (Get-MailboxFolderStatistics -Identity $_.Alias -FolderScope calendar | where-object {$_.FolderType -eq "Calendar"}).Name
Write-host -ForegroundColor green "Set Calendar Permissions for $Calendar to $AccessRights"
Set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity $Calendar -User Default -AccessRights $AccessRights 


Credits to my colleague Edwin Ligthart.



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