WVD Springrelease ARMTemplate Token Refresh Script

This is a blogpost about a script which performs a Token Refresh for the WVD springrelease ARMTemplate deployment. This normally needs to be entered manually but with this script this token will be refreshed at the start of every deployment. I am talking about this parameter which sits in the ARM Template supplied by Microsoft … Read more

WVD Delete Hostpools Powershell

This is a blogpost about a script which initiates a delete request for all resources in a Resource Group, I use this script for deleting WVD hostpools with Powershell. The hostpool resource need to be deleted in an exact order.1. VM’s need to be deleted first.2. After that sessionhosts must delete from the hostpool.3. Then … Read more

Flow Triggered WVD DevOps Build

This is a blog about a new WVD DevOps build triggered by Flow. This Pipeline creates a new Windows 10 Immutable image which I use for my WVD deployment. To trigger this build you can use Microsoft Flow (PowerAutomate). Prerequisites You need the Flow premium license, more information about the licensing. Install the mobile Microsoft … Read more

WVD Logoff users Hostpool Powershell

This is a blogpost about a script which initiates a logoff for all users in a WVD Hostpool via Powershell. The script populates the hostpool(s) based on a Resource Group within Azure. If there are multiple hostpools within this Resource Group the users are logged off also. Script Syntaxis This is the syntax for the … Read more

WVD Set Drain Mode Powershell

This is a blogpost about a script to set drain mode for all session hosts via powershell in one WVD hostpool. This is a script for the spring release. The fall release CMDLets of WVD uses other CMDlets. WVD Script Firstly, we need to connect to Azure using Powershell. We can do this by using … Read more

Azure Information Protection Deployment Guide

This is a deployment guide for Azure Information Protection. I couldn’t find what I needed in the Microsoft Documentation so I have written a complete deployment guide. This guide includes the following subjects: Azure Information Protection Deployment GuideAzure Log Analytics deployment to check activityMicrosoft 365 compliance integration (SharePoint & OneDrive)Examples for labeling and Log Analytics … Read more

UnAttended Azure AD Join

This is a blogpost about joining Windows 10 machines unattended to Azure AD with a provisioning package created with the Windows Configuration Designer. The enrollment is done with a token which is created by a service account which services the Azure AD Join. Prerequisites Create a service account in Azure AD to create the bulk … Read more

Connect to Exchange Online script with modern authentication

In october this year basic authentication for Exchange Online will no longer be available. That is why I’ve written a blog which explain how to use a script with encrypted credentials to connect to Exchange Online via modern authentication. Prerequisites You need to have the module “ExchangeOnlineManagement” installed. You can do so by running the … Read more