HybridADJoin Object ADSync Force Script

I have been tinkering with HybridADJoin again, I needed a script which performs a force ADSync to upload the AD Object. Micheal Niehaus explains it perfectly in this blog: Hybrid AD Join troubles Furthermore, this is the script proposed in the blog: (This is just an example, I am pretty sure the one that Micheal … Read more

Windows 10 AutoPilot Hybrid AD Join vs Azure AD Join

If you are looking to deploy Windows 10 AutoPilot you are going to have to make a choice. Are you going to use an Hybrid AD Join or a Azure AD Join deployment? I am going to give you my thoughts on a Windows 10 Autopilot Hybrid AD Join vs Azure AD join. Furthermore I … Read more

Create Windows 10 AutoPilot Hybrid Azure AD joined profile

This blogpost is about creating a Windows 10 AutoPilot deployment profile based on a Hybrid Azure AD Joined scenario via Microsoft 365/Microsoft Intune. Creating Windows 10 AutoPilot Hybrid Azure AD joined profile Go to https://devicemanagement.microsoft.com/ and log on. Go to Devices and to Windows: After that click on “Windows Enrollment”: We first need to setup automatic enrollment. … Read more