Assign Store Applications in Intune via Powershell

I meant to write this blog a long time ago. I always wanted to deep-dive into Intune to assign Microsoft Store Applications via Powershell. We all struggled with the Microsoft Store applications and assigning them “one by one” through the portal. Even though (almost) every assignment was the same: “Unassign for All Users/All Devices”. Of … Read more

Search for Specific Mailbox Permissions

We all know the case where a user is migrated, misses permissions but doesn’t know which mailbox it was. I created a script that initiates a search for specific mailbox permissions for each mailbox. After that, it exports the mailboxes to CSV if the user has permission on that mailbox. Prerequistes As always, you need … Read more

Add exclusion in Attack Surface Reduction – Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Lately, I am playing around with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and how to add an exclusion in Attack Surface Reduction. Let’s first walk through the situation at hand. I am building a new Microsoft Endpoint Manager solution for a customer of mine and they use a custom-made signature module (Signature365/Innovative365). This custom module didn’t work … Read more

Intune Backup to Storage Account Pt.3 – The Notification

This post is about creating an Intune backup to a storage account Pt.3. You could use this to create a daily backup or even more frequent. The clarify the above. I created a script that creates a backup from your Intune environment and uploads it to a storage account. The last step is to send … Read more

Import Intune Backup and Assign Group

if you import an Intune Backup via the Powershell Module (IntuneBackupAndRestore), it does not assign a group automatically. There is no option in that module. This blog features a script that assigns a group automatically to all imported profiles. The script assigns the following policies: Configuration Policies Administrative Templates Windows Update Policies Compliance Policies Powershell … Read more

Create Autopilot Profile via Powershell

This post describes the actions to create a Windows 10 Autopilot Profile via Powershell. I am always trying to automate as much as possible to reduce repeating actions. Now it is time to automate my Windows 10 Autopilot deployment. Firstly, I need to make a shoutout to Rudy Ooms and his blog (Call4Cloud). I got … Read more

Endpoint Manager RunAs Admin

This blog is about needing to use Powershell to RunAs admin on an Endpoint Manager device. When you use the security baselines in Microsoft Intune for Windows 10, this message is familiar: This message will pop-up when you try run Powershell as admin: Solution The solution is quite simple. Follow these steps to start Powershell … Read more

Endpoint Manager Packaging Script Pt.1 – The Script

I created an Endpoint Manager Packaging Script which downloads the installer, packages it, uploads it to Intune and assigns it. But first things first, credits to Nickolaj Andersen and his module who made it all possible. This is part 1, where I show you how the script works with 2 examples. Part 2 features the … Read more

Windows 10 Image Series – Part 3.1 – Deploy test VM

In this series I am going to show you how build a Windows 10 Image via Azure Pipelines and DevOps without 3rd party tooling, welcome to part 3.1! This is a blog which describes how you can deploy a VM from your newly created Shared Image Gallery Image via Bicep. Prerequisites Part 1, 2 & … Read more