Windows 10 Image Series – Part 1 – Create The VM

In this series I am going to show you how build a Windows 10 Image via Azure Pipelines and DevOps without 3rd party tooling, welcome to part 1! Part 1 is about building the Windows 10 machine, sysprepping it and creating an image from it. Prerequisites There are some prerequisites. Firstly, I am assuming that … Read more

Powershell Function for Creating WVD Hostpools

I have written a Powershell Function which I use for Creating WVD Hostpools. Instead of clicking through the portal you now can create multiple hostpools by running this function. Prerequisites An Azure subscription The Azure subscription needs to be prepared for WVD deployment Install Powershell Modules (This is listed in the blog) Powershell Function This … Read more

WVD Create HostPool

This is a blogpost about how to create a WVD HostPool. I demonstrate two methods. The GUI based method and the Powershell method. In addition, you can also create the Hostpool via an ARM template but that’s a topic for another time. The GUI based method Firstly, log on to Microsoft Azure. After that, go … Read more

WVD Intune ARM Template Update

You can deploy Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) via an ARM Template. There is a possible update incoming for this template. This update may contain native join to Microsoft Intune (Endpoint Manager) from within the WVD ARM template. Firstly, I would like to refer to Sander Rozemuller who noticed the change in the ARM template at … Read more

WVD HostPool Registration Key

This blogpost is about getting a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) hostpool registration key. This registration key is needed to register new WVD Session Hosts to your hostpool. I am using 2 methods to get the key. The portal and via Powershell. The portal is the easy way to get the key. For example, you can … Read more

Snapshot Managed Disk to Storage Account

This is a blogpost about creating an image from an existing Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure. We are going to snapshot the managed disk of the machine and upload it to a Storage Account. For example, you can use this blog/script to create an image for Citrix Cloud. (The complete script is available at the … Read more

RDP ShortPath for WVD

This is my take on RDP Shortpath for WVD. In this blogpost I will discuss the pro’s and cons of using this feature. Furthermore, I will talk about the configuration needed and the architecture involved. You can find the configuration below. I will first talk about the architecture and the pro’s and cons. I will … Read more

Bitlocker encryption Azure DevOps Release Pipeline

This is a blogpost about setting Bitlocker drive encryption for WVD sessionhosts in an Azure DevOps Release Pipeline. The Bitlocker key will be stored in an Azure Keyvault. This post is only about the script you use to automatically enable Bitlocker on your VM’s. Dishan Francis created an excellent post about creating a Key Vault … Read more

OneDrive Machine Install Script

This is a blog about a script which removes OneDrive Personal and installs OneDrive Machine (All users) Install. You can use this if you want to deploy OneDrive on Windows Virtual Desktop for example. Script Syntax Script Example Firstly, you can run the script on any machine. It does not matter if OneDrive is running, … Read more

Add NSG Rule via Azure DevOps Pipeline

This blogpost describes how to add an NSG Rule via an Azure DevOps Pipeline to momentarily give Azure Devops via WinRM access to your Subnet. At this time of writing the “AzureDevOps” service tag which you can use in an NSG rule is not available. This is a workaround to momentarily give Azure DevOps access … Read more