Windows Autopilot Test in Proxmox

I recently moved my home lab from VMware to Proxmox, the next thing was to test Windows Autopilot but I concluded that I missed the serial number for the Virtual Machine. That led me to the fact that I couldn’t upload the hardware hash to Microsoft Intune/Windows Autopilot.

The recent stuff that is going on at VMware led me to move to Proxmox for, I think, obvious reasons. For a home lab, this is obvious, for enterprise, it’s a whole different story.

If you want to know how to build a Windows 11 VM on Proxmox, this is a quick guide: Link

After you build the VM, you run the “get-windowsautopilotinfocommunity” script by Andrew Taylor and Michael Niehaus. As a result, you see that there is no serial number:

Also, if you export it to CSV, you see that this value is empty:

When I wanted to upload the hardware hash to Intune it led me to the following error code:

It cannot upload the device because the serialNumber is null! Well, that is not what we need! 🙁

Luckily, there is an easy fix. Log on to your Proxmox instance. Go the VM, go to Options, and go the SMBIOS setting (type 1)

Double-click the field and you see that the serial number value is empty.

I just copied and paste the UUID to the serial field:

After that, I tried to upload the hardware hash again via the same method as described before and it worked:

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