Snapshot Managed Disk to Storage Account

This is a blogpost about creating an image from an existing Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure. We are going to snapshot the managed disk of the machine and upload it to a Storage Account. For example, you can use this blog/script to create an image for Citrix Cloud. (The complete script is available at the … Read more

RDP ShortPath for WVD

This is my take on RDP Shortpath for WVD. In this blogpost I will discuss the pro’s and cons of using this feature. Furthermore, I will talk about the configuration needed and the architecture involved. You can find the configuration below. I will first talk about the architecture and the pro’s and cons. I will … Read more

Bitlocker encryption Azure DevOps Release Pipeline

This is a blogpost about setting Bitlocker drive encryption for WVD sessionhosts in an Azure DevOps Release Pipeline. The Bitlocker key will be stored in an Azure Keyvault. This post is only about the script you use to automatically enable Bitlocker on your VM’s. Dishan Francis created an excellent post about creating a Key Vault … Read more