About Me

Niels Kok, 30 years old, Microsoft MVP, lives in Holland, Technical Consultant with a focus on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, likes to write scripts, likes to fiddle around with tech and write about it.

This blog features my learning journey in everything that I come across. I am learning and writing about it. I hope you enjoy the content as much as when I tried it out for myself.

On the first of March 2022, I am continuing my career as a freelance Microsoft Cloud consultant. I am going to work under the name of Tech Solit. Most of you probably have an idea of where my expertise lies. Nevertheless, I will describe this in a short manner. I am going to focus on the Modern Workplace and Microsoft Azure. I can help you to set up Microsoft Endpoint Manager but also the automation for Azure Virtual Desktop (Infra as Code). Furthermore, I can assist with building your Azure Landing Zone.

Drop me an e-mail at niels (@) nielskok.tech to get in touch!