Search for Specific Mailbox Permissions

We all know the case where a user is migrated, misses permissions but doesn’t know which mailbox it was. I created a script that initiates a search for specific mailbox permissions for each mailbox. After that, it exports the mailboxes to CSV if the user has permission on that mailbox. Prerequistes As always, you need … Read more

Connect to Exchange Online script with modern authentication

In october this year basic authentication for Exchange Online will no longer be available. That is why I’ve written a blog which explain how to use a script with encrypted credentials to connect to Exchange Online via modern authentication. Prerequisites You need to have the module “ExchangeOnlineManagement” installed. You can do so by running the … Read more

Exchange Online Migrations Tips & Tricks

I have done a lot of Exchange Online Migrations over the years and I would like to share my tips & tricks in moving the mailboxes via Powershell. I am going to discus moving a single mailbox, moving mailboxes in bulk, offboarding mailboxes back to Exchange On-Premises. Furthermore I am going to show you how … Read more

Exchange Online Hybrid Connection error HCW8108

When you configure the Exchange Online Hybrid Connection through the wizard it is possible that you face the error:”HCW8108″. The hybrid connection wizard will state the following error: The error in the logs will state the following: The “Fix” You probably used your on-premises Exchange Admin Centre to download the Hybrid Connection Wizard. This version … Read more