Gather Hardware Hash and receive via Mail

I wrote a script to gather the Windows 10 AutoPilot hardware hash and receive this via e-mail. The current user’s Outlook profile sends the e-mail. The e-mail is available in sent items if you want to view it later. Prerequisites The user is local admin on the device where you want to gather the Windows … Read more

Create Autopilot Profile via Powershell

This post describes the actions to create a Windows 10 Autopilot Profile via Powershell. I am always trying to automate as much as possible to reduce repeating actions. Now it is time to automate my Windows 10 Autopilot deployment. Firstly, I need to make a shoutout to Rudy Ooms and his blog (Call4Cloud). I got … Read more

SQL ODBC Driver via Intune

This post is about deploying the SQL ODBC Driver via Intune with the required runtimes. It took myself a while to get this working. So, I thought let’s share this with the world. Firstly, I have created a package which contains the ‘VC_Redist.x64.exe’ and the ‘msodbcsql.msi’, installs them silently, creates a log file and has … Read more

Autopilot Devices Script Menu

I have written a couple of posts which describe add Autopilot devices to Intune. The feedback that I got was that it might be easier for some people to include a menu to add group tags. I have created a script which builds a menu where you can choose a group tag for your autopilot … Read more

Azure Information Protection Deployment Guide

This is a deployment guide for Azure Information Protection. I couldn’t find what I needed in the Microsoft Documentation so I have written a complete deployment guide. This guide includes the following subjects: Azure Information Protection Deployment GuideAzure Log Analytics deployment to check activityMicrosoft 365 compliance integration (SharePoint & OneDrive)Examples for labeling and Log Analytics … Read more

UnAttended Azure AD Join

This is a blogpost about joining Windows 10 machines unattended to Azure AD with a provisioning package created with the Windows Configuration Designer. The enrollment is done with a token which is created by a service account which services the Azure AD Join. Prerequisites Create a service account in Azure AD to create the bulk … Read more

Exchange Online Migrations Tips & Tricks

I have done a lot of Exchange Online Migrations over the years and I would like to share my tips & tricks in moving the mailboxes via Powershell. I am going to discus moving a single mailbox, moving mailboxes in bulk, offboarding mailboxes back to Exchange On-Premises. Furthermore I am going to show you how … Read more

Collect AutoPilot Info from Remote Machine

How can you collect AutoPilot information from a Remote Machine? In this blog I will show you how you can grab this information. Prerequisites Remote Machine You need to have the following prequisites ready: 1. On the remote machine the WinRM service must be running.2. The network must allow WinRM connections. 3. The Windows Firewall … Read more