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I have written a couple of posts which describe add Autopilot devices to Intune. The feedback that I got was that it might be easier for some people to include a menu to add group tags. I have created a script which builds a menu where you can choose a group tag for your autopilot devices. Furthermore, this group tag can be used later on in Microsoft Intune/Endpoint Manager.


You have to be an administrator on the machine where you run the script.


Firstly, save the script as a “.ps1” file. The script syntax is at the bottom of the page.

Then change these values accordingly:

After that, run the “.ps1” file.

For example:

Autopilot devices menu script run

After that, this dialog box pops up:

Choose a type of device. For the demo I choose “Personal Device” and click on “OK”

This is the output. Please log on with your Microsoft Endpoint Manager Administrator account:

This the result, the group tag personal added:

From the portal perspective:

And that is how you create a script with a menu to upload your Autopilot Devices with a group tag!

Script Syntax


$Tenantname = ""
$GroupTags = "Personal Device","Shared Device","Kiosk Device"

Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Windows.Forms
Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Drawing

$form = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Form
$form.Text = 'Add Autopilot device menu'
$form.Size = New-Object System.Drawing.Size(400,250)
$form.StartPosition = 'CenterScreen'

$okButton = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Button
$okButton.Location = New-Object System.Drawing.Point(165,180)
$okButton.Size = New-Object System.Drawing.Size(75,23)
$okButton.Text = 'OK'
$okButton.DialogResult = [System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult]::OK
$form.AcceptButton = $okButton

$cancelButton = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Button
$cancelButton.Location = New-Object System.Drawing.Point(250,180)
$cancelButton.Size = New-Object System.Drawing.Size(75,23)
$cancelButton.Text = 'Cancel'
$cancelButton.DialogResult = [System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult]::Cancel
$form.CancelButton = $cancelButton

$label = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Label
$label.Location = New-Object System.Drawing.Point(10,20)
$label.Size = New-Object System.Drawing.Size(360,40)
$label.Text = 'Choose the type of device that you want to add:'

$listBox = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.ListBox
$listBox.Location = New-Object System.Drawing.Point(10,60)
$listBox.Size = New-Object System.Drawing.Size(360,20)
$listBox.Height = 80

foreach ($GroupTag in $GroupTags){
    [void] $listBox.Items.Add($GroupTag)



$form.Topmost = $true

$result = $form.ShowDialog()

if ($result -eq [System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult]::OK)
    $x = $listBox.SelectedItem

    Write-Host "Adding the device as $($x)"

    # Check if AutoPilotScript is installed
    $InstalledScripts = Get-InstalledScript
    If ($ -notcontains "Upload-WindowsAutopilotDeviceInfo") {
       Install-Script -Name Upload-WindowsAutopilotDeviceInfo -force
    # collect Windows Autopilot info and Upload it to Azure
    Upload-WindowsAutopilotDeviceInfo.ps1 -TenantName $Tenantname -GroupTag $x -Verbose



Microsoft Docs about Powershell menu

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