Reprovision/Restore Windows 365 Devices

This blog is about showing another example of our Powershell module called PSCloudPC. The example is about Reprovision/Restore Windows 365 devices. My other post is about deploying Windows 365 via Powershell.

Firstly, download and install the module. You can do so using the following command:

Install-Module -Name PSCloudPC

After that, import the module:

Import-Module -Name PSCloudPC

We are now ready to connect to Windows 365 via Powershell. Use this command to connect to Windows 365:

Connect-Windows365 -TenantID

Check whether you are connected with this command: (You can also see the Organization Settings of your Windows 365 tenant)


The output looks something like this:

Restore Windows 365 Devices

We start with restoring a Cloud PC to a certain point in time.

But firstly, we need to get the name of the Cloud PC. You can do so by using this command:


In my tenant, it shows only 1 device because I have only 1 Cloud PC for testing purposes. If you have multiple, it will return all Cloud PCs.


We are using the managedDeviceName. (In the red rectangle)

With this command, you can view all restore points for this CloudPC:

Get-CPCRestorePoint -Name CPC-nt-BS7IRCAG | FT

This is the output: (the column in the rectangle is where you can see the date/time of the restore points)

If we made our decision, we run the restore command:

Invoke-CPCRestore -Name CPC-nt-BS7IRCAG

This gridview is the result:

Select the restore where you want to restore the cloud pc too and click on OK:

After that, the CloudPC is restored to that point in time:

Reprovision a Windows 365 Device

Now, we are reprovisioning a Windows 365 device.

Again, we first need to identify the Windows 365 device.

You can do so by using this command:



We use the managedDeviceName to invoke the reprovision.

To invoke the reprovision of this Cloud PC, use this command:

Invoke-CPCReprovision -Name CPC-nt-BS7IRCAG

Output in Powershell:

Output in the Portal:


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