Windows Autopatch – Deployment Cadence Scheduled install

There is a new feature within Windows Autopatch called Deployment Cadence with scheduled install. I have waited for feature for a long time. I wrote another blog about Windows Autopatch called notes from the field. Read about it here:

This blog states that one of the things that I run into with Windows Autopatch that not all of my devices are patched. That is because of the Windows Update for Business requirements to be eligible for Windows Updates. If you want to read about that, read the blog above. In addition, the blog does not cover Windows Autopatch Groups. I will write another blog about that.

Windows Autopatch – Deployment Cadence Scheduled Install

So, lets get into the feature called Windows Autopatch – Deployment Cadence with scheduled install. What I like about this, is that you don’t require to be eligible according to the Windows Updates for Business requirements. You can just schedule the Windows Updates for Install.

I assume you already setup Windows Autopatch groups. If you don’t, please do so according to this blog from Peter van der Woude. As usual, he wrote a great blog. He did mention the scheduled install but I would like to elaborate on that part.

Firstly, go to Windows Autopatch within your Microsoft Intune environment and select your Windows Autpatch groups setup:

After that, click on edit:

Next, go to the Windows Update settings:

Select a ring and click on manage deployment cadence:

Instead of “Deadline-drive” you can select “Schedule Install”. You can then set a schedule to automatically install updates:

I set the schedule to install updates each week on Wednesday at 2 PM. NOTE: It may take up to 90 minutes for the updates to start. Plan accordingly in your schedule settings.

This features helps me to get my devices at a higher succes rate. This is the usecase that didn’t get patched in the deadline-driven scenario. We have mechanics that only use their laptop for a couple hours every day. They don’t meet the usual Windows Updates for Business requirements, that are:

Especially the first requirement is hard for each type of user to meet. Another important note is that the reporting is adjusted accordingly if you set the scheduled install.

I hope this blog helps you find this feature. I like it and going to set it more often.

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