Windows 10 Image Series – Part 4 – Deploy SessionHost Powershell

In this series I am going to show you how build a Windows 10 Image via Azure Pipelines and DevOps without 3rd party tooling, welcome to part 4! We built the image in the past parts. It’s now time to actually built hostpools from our image. So, part 4 is about building hostpools! Prerequisites Part … Read more

Powershell Function for Creating WVD Hostpools

I have written a Powershell Function which I use for Creating WVD Hostpools. Instead of clicking through the portal you now can create multiple hostpools by running this function. Prerequisites An Azure subscription The Azure subscription needs to be prepared for WVD deployment Install Powershell Modules (This is listed in the blog) Powershell Function This … Read more

WVD Delete Hostpools Powershell

This is a blogpost about a script which initiates a delete request for all resources in a Resource Group, I use this script for deleting WVD hostpools with Powershell. The hostpool resource need to be deleted in an exact order.1. VM’s need to be deleted first.2. After that sessionhosts must delete from the hostpool.3. Then … Read more